" GEETAI HUMANKIND DEVELOPMENT TRUST is a non government organization (NGO) working for rural development since last 21 years having the broad VISION in the field of Education, Health, Social, Agriculture & Spiritual and with the mission Build institution for mankind development through proper support and training to achieve sustainable socio-economic responsibilities.The organization has been working very successfully in fulfilling its objectives and has been working very well in this field ".

    Focus of GHKDT on various important issues through (E.H.S.A.S.)

    1.Education Training (R& D)     2.HealthTraining (R & D)     3.Social Training(R & D)
    4.Agriculture Training(R & D)     5.Spiritual Training (R & D)

"हरवले आभाळ ज्यांचे , होऊ दे तयांचा सोबती , सापडेना वाट ज्यांना , होऊ दे तयांचा सारथी , जाणवाया दुर्बलांचे , दुःख आणि वेदना , तेवत्या राहो सदा , रंध्रातूनी संवेदना , धमन्यांतल्या रुधिरास या , खल भेदण्याची आस दे , सामर्थ्य या शब्दांस आणि अर्थ या जगण्यास दे ..."

" The Best Way To Find Yourself Is To Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others. A Few People Of Integrity Can Go A Long Way. We Are Ready To Uphold The Values And Advancing The Work In Various Aspects. Our Institute Is Driven And Task-oriented By One Common Interest. We Are Flexible In Becoming Accustomed To The Needs. We Provide A Mechanism That Will Strengthen And Empower The Needy People Which Will Bring Some Significant Benefits ". Human Being Is An Integral Part Of The Society. While Living In The Society,We Are Obliged With Some Social Constraints & Responsibilities. It Is Said That "Service To Man Is Service To God". By Keeping This Visionary Approach In Mind We've Stepped Into Invigorating World Of Social Service. For The Very Noble Cause Of Social indebtedness,'GEETAI'Was Established. There Is No Tool For Development More Effective Than The Empowerment... The Prevalence Of The Vinoba Bhave’s Famous Geetai And By Keeping Ideals Of Vinoba Bhave In Mind, Geetai Humankind Development Trust Established In 2001-02 Under The Guidance Of Shri. Ram Babaraoji Jogdand (President And Managing Director Of Ramelex Pvt Ltd), Mr. Chandrashekhar Haribhau More (Chairman And Managing Director Of More Modular Pvt Ltd) And Mr. Bharat Went Down By The Guidance Of Nathuji Saroda (Renowned Psychiatrist). Today, The Organization Has Made Progress Mainly In The Field Of Five. It Includes Five Important Areas Which Cover The Life Of Education, Health, Social, Agricultural And Spiritual (EHSAS). With The Help Of Research, Awakening And Training, 'Geetai Humankind Development Trust' Has Been Working Very Successfully In Fulfilling The Objectives Of The Organization And Working Very Successfully In This Field. The Organization Started Implementing Various Programs Following The Ideology Of Thoughts, If Nothing Is Impossible. Till Now, Without Any Donations, The 'Geetai Human Kind Development Trust' Has Proceeded. All The Expenses Of This Journey Are Being Done By The President And Trustee Of The Organization. The Institute Has Performed Very Well In The Education Sector And 5 Schools And 2 Agricultural Colleges Are Run By The Organization.

Lets Change The World With Humanity

Mr.Himmat M.Jogdand
Vice President,Dept Of Agriculture
Email: hmj@ramelex.com

Mr.Rajesh R.Ghuge
Vice President,Dept Of Social Affairs
Phone: +91-9011034355/9921683676
Email: rajeshghuge72@gmail.com

Mr.Ashish S.Dahatonde
Vice President,Dept Of Education
Phone: +91-9130095161
Email:vpedu@geetai.org / ashish@geetai.org

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