The Geetai Humankind Development Trust Pune was established in 2001 on the strength of strong will and confidence, keeping in view the ideals of Vinoba Bhave's Ajramar Geetai and Vinoba Bhave's vision of humanity. After the idea that nothing is impossible if the idea is with action, the organization started implementing various activities. The Geetai Humankind Development Trust has been working for the last 11-15 years in urban and rural areas mainly in five areas namely education, health, social, agriculture and spiritual. The organization has a hand in implementing new ventures. These include various innovative initiatives such as childcare and adventure camps, farmer guidance, agri-tourism, women empowerment, Whole Village Development (Digital Gao), Saraswati Agrotech. The Geetai Humankind Development Trust is working to increase social commitment to society by rejecting values that are being destroyed in the current age of modern technology, etiquette, enhancing students' thinking ability, determination and rejecting loneliness. You are well aware of the various initiatives undertaken under this trust. We have seen an ascending graph of the Trust's performance in five areas: educational, health, social, agricultural and spiritual.
The Vedanta Public School was established by the Geetai Humankind Development Trust with the objective of inculcating good values in the new generation, inculcating a new generation of capable, ideological and modern thinkers. Today's students will be the citizens of tomorrow's progressive country and the organization focuses on imparting quality education through various branches of these schools so that their leadership qualities can be properly developed, students with character can be developed and their personality can be holistically developed through education. In addition to the academic development of the students in these schools, more and more emphasis is placed on the physical, educational, social, spiritual and mental development of the students. Various activities are also implemented. Since the establishment of the school (since 2010) till date, in just 7 years, a total of 2000 students from urban and rural areas have been imparted quality education. However, we are proposing sponsorship to our school so that their education is not disrupted due to poor financial condition of the students studying in the school. Members who wish to spend on the educational work of poor students in Vedanta Public School run by this trust for the purpose of maintaining social commitment can help in the form of sponsorship. The details in this context are as follows:
However, we look forward to your suggestions and ideas on all of the above. Your suggestions and ideas are invaluable to us. You should actively participate in various activities of Geetai Humankind Development Trust and contribute to our valuable work. And lead us on the right path.

SR NO Category Pre-Primary Primary
1Tution Fees6,00010,000
2Scool Kit2,5002,800
4Complete Package10,00018,500

You can pay a sponsorship by filling out a sponsorship form to pay for tuition fees, school supplies, various activities, or all categories combined. You can also help one or more students financially in the form of sponsorship. For this you can get tax relief under 80G. Bank Details: Issued in the name of Cheque Geetai Humankind Development Trust, Pune.

  • Bank details for RTGS:
  • Bank Name: State Bank of India.
  • Branch: Waraje Malwadi
  • IFS Code: SBIN0011701
  • Account Number: 31167659452
Yours faithfully, Geetai Humankind Development Trust, Pune